Welcome to Official DZS’s Halo Site!

This site is open to public for accessible and supporters, visitors are required to have an account in order to comment, subscribe, apply, report, etc here.  To register, go to Home –> Login (click on it) –> Register then type in your preferred username and email address.  After you click the link from your preferred email address, there will be another validation to finalize your account with given password.  This is required to make our site securer and prevent any bot(s) attempting to hijack here. Also, we have our own bug tracker for our H-Ext users to report.

All clans and non-clans are welcome to sign up an account here!
So far we are not hosting any halo dedicated server and in needs of bug reporting plus add-on programmers. Our time budget barely able to handle to update our add-ons while mainly focusing on H-Ext bug fixes, more features, maintaining documentation, reverse-engineering useful hooks (yes including client hooks), and verify the compatible of Halo release versions.


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We are back online

Our main server is back online after resolving an issue on our end. However, it may will go offline at any time due to our network issue and do not have a budget to get a new one.

Any time main website goes down, please use our GitHub’s website. Documents relative to use H-Ext and plugins (including develop one) will remain on GitHub permanently. More updates to GitHub will occur in the future.


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Upgrade Process Issue

During the upgrade on our side, both front and back-end. Some data were lost in the process. The last data we had backed up is last year. If you had registered an account in the past year, you will need to re-register. This also apply to password changed in the past year too.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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H-Ext 0.5.3 Version Planned Intro

We are still working on Add-on API issues with major code languages. So at this time, it is decided to have “Drone Engineer” version planning for H-Ext 0.5.3 and newer. The list below is what will be done during the process until they are completed.

  • Include 0.5 planned version task-list.
  • Major re-work on Add-on API to fix ton of issues that are not following C-99 standard and several other issues of managed code refuse to work correctly.
  • Compatible issue with Trial, Combat Evolved, and Custom Edition will be re-verify. (After Add-on API and hooks are fully done.)
  • At least get more static message into message.ini file from H-Ext product.
  • Re-define possibility to use custom message relative to player and some other things. (If possible before moving to 0.6 task-list.)
  • More bug fixing from time to time. (If reported…)

Once 0.5 and 0.5.3+ task-lists are done, we will proceed with 0.6 task-list which includes, we know you are waiting for this to return, GUI feature!


P.S. We still do not know how long it’s going to take for 0.5.3 to be release. Add-on API for C# are still incomplete plus C/C++ and D lang will needs to re-update as well. Plus Visual Basic might be able to go through translation from C# to VB easier and quicker. Even verify if it’s done correctly.

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H-Ext 0.5.3 Progress

H-Ext 0.5.3 and Add-on Converter are still going through changes to support standard method requirement. One thing to expect, 0.5.2.x Add-ons will not be supported in 0.5.3.x at all. Why? First, interfaces have been going through changes internally and externally. Secondly, versioning our Add-on API has been change big-time, we hope this will be the last time we need to revise the versioning method. It will include the hook versioning; however there will be newer update Add-on Converter requirement in order maintenance the future hooks requirement. Thirdly, we are currently working on C# support (hopefully Visual Basic transition from C# code will work out smoothly). Finally, we are getting close except not closer enough to release the final H-Ext 0.5.3 and Add-on Converter builds for couple months. Why couple months? Managed modules doesn’t really like unmanaged structure and such, it will take time to get it right (hopefully).

We had worked with our testers during public testing and found a bunch of bugs in our official Add-ons we had released in the past. They have been tweaked & fixed except one or two may be missed, we’ll get it fix sooner once we get the report. However most of the issues we found was caused by internally in H-Ext’s latest public build. We are unable to make another patch release for H-Ext 0.5.2.x.


P.S. We are doing our best we can go get this done correctly as possible. Also, we want to expect H-Ext 0.5.3 final build to be stable build with absolutely no issue. This includes our official Add-ons as well. Be patience with us, we’ll get it release eventually.

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Email Service Back Up And Public Add-on API Testing Branch

Good news, we finally got our email service back up and have moved to an alternate email service to handle the outgoing emails better.

We have made some progress with Halo tags in C structure which can be found in testing branch on github last week. So far we have 13 tags decoded, however there is total of 83 tags which original Bungie made! Only 70 tags left to go, except we are taking a break from this. At least we get the idea how it works in C code tag files and in-game memory. Right now, we are focusing on tweak and update our Add-on Converter’s layout and theme(s) support. Plus at least add the settings page as well to make it easier for Add-ons developers to make some or little modification to convert their add-on(s) quicker and compatibility version checking.

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