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Plugin System for next 0.3.x

Attention all C programer! We are currently developing add-on API system for your own personal made plugin for 0.3.x and higher!  This means you can make ability to extend the extension with your own favor/features!  If you would like to … Continue reading

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Need additional C++ Programmer assistance with plugin compatible

We want YOU to fill in blanks and continue support for ability expansion for DZS’s Halo Server Extension’s Add-on.  Here’s some requirements in order to proceed with approval seal for making your example to work with our S-Ext 0.2.3 and … Continue reading

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S-Ext News (0.2.2 available)

We are exciting to inform all hoster and future hoster using DZS’s Server Extension for Halo is now available to download long with few additional features from recent post and this post! Ability to whisper to another player (one or … Continue reading

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S-Ext 0.2.2 Releasing Tomorrow

We are informing all of you the next release will be ready by tomorrow. After the release, we will be trying hard to make plugin supportable soon as possible to start expand Halo Add-On features flexibility.  Before the plugin support … Continue reading

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We are NOT hosting service!

NOTICE: We are not hosting service providing for clans, community, or anyone at all!  We only provide service to develop halo add-on for the community and clans, even anyone can use it. Also we are not exclusive business with large … Continue reading

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