Add-on API Re-write (Including structs like weapon, biped, vehicles, etc)

It has come to our attention, Add-on API is not fully designed to work with C89 compatibility except for dynamicStack class is C++ designated (will feature support for other languages later on).  Soon as we have completed our Add-on Converter application for Add-on developers to convert their plugin into valid and fully support Add-on for H-Ext usage. We will be re-writing Add-on API and function names, more or less, plus class into a struct type. Hopefully, this will become truer C supportive. As for weapons, biped, vehicles struct, they will be depreciated and will be replaced! Thanks to Wizard for bringing it up and pointed out identical structs between the two different types of object. Plus it seems referenced to a tag type found within hTagHeader. Later on, it eventually lead to WaeV’s post, also thanks for posting it up, linking to’s site of GDC 2005 event where Mat did a presentation about Halo 2 Content Management. Base on the info of Halo 2 Content Management along with some code sampling involved, we will change our method into this standard method and hopefully will become closer friend with Open Sauce’s** custom tags with little to no issues. However, this type of new information brought up will require more depth research and add existing tag types* support in Halo engine (unmodified), any custom tag types will not be included until further notice. What does this mean? It actually means much longer postpone for re-write the structs/tags, changing how to obtain the correct tag types. Once they’re done along with Add-on Converter, we will proceed to Alpha Testers to test them out, even develop their own Add-on to verify new re-write API and tag types usage are correct.

Again, we want to thank Wizard, WaeV, and Matthew Noguchi for providing reliable information.

*Tag types from older programs are not in C plus its definition of location origins are bit confusing. So we have to make one from scratch and try follow base on HEK release as possible along with some other information collected.

**We have not experienced any issue with Open Sauce’s yelos with their custom tags while running current H-Ext at the moment.


P.S. All existing Add-ons will be incompatible with H-Ext 0.5.3 and onward. We will not be going jump to 0.6.x for this major re-write due to planning board are already set as it is. (This may change until further notice.)


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