Another Progress with H-Ext

We are informing the progress has been slowing down (again) due to our main developer has new games being played on.  So, it will take little longer to get it standardize and complete overall hooks verification with our testing add-on to ensure it is obtaining the correct information for Halo PC cross-platform versions.  After finding and adding hooks, we became noticable of performance slowness due to start up. We have optimize our dynamic signatures to improve the performance by 2/3 time better.

We had a hard time trying to make decision if we should turn the table around and fix some exploits for banning the players. This also includes not using the Halo’s standard bans file, it will be handle directly and stored in the database in order to remove the exploit restriction on Halo’s standard bans file. This will also help banning the IP address as well as an enchancement. (Note: If the admin decide to ban a player, it will include the cd key hash AND the IP address as well.)

P.S. We still have not release the test build to our beta tester as we are still doing our best mirgating and adding hooks on the go.



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