Clan and Non-Clan Rules

Here are the rules for clan and non-clan members.

  1. NEVER attempt to say negative about how bad a clan is.
  2. NEVER start a war/hateful against each other (both clan groups and members)
  3. Everyone are able to be involve with ANY activities provided by DZS’s Halo Administrator(s) and/or member(s).
  4. If a player wants to be in the role-play, you are required to allow a player to be in the role-play, NO EXCUSE!
  5. Basic respectful rules for all
    a. There shall not be any swearing, foul, cussing languages AT all!
    b. Any hateful, taunting, insulting to anyone will be servery be taken into record and closely monitored.
    c. Do NOT accused someone that are responsible that aren’t responsible for what happened.
  6. NEVER falsely accused you are in a clan that clan doesn’t either exist nor clan didn’t promote you a member of the clan.
  7. NEVER discriminate your own clan, this is highly serious crime.  Doing this will officially banned anyone that are in the clan.
  8. Anyone can file a report of person/clan disobeyed any rules above on the forum (required to register an account).

Everyone is defined as all clan and non-clan members (including those whose haven’t registered account here).
If any rules broken occurs often, you can be considering banned here, xfire’s chatroom, and halo server(s) for time being and/or permanently.
If your clan leader have any question(s) about how community of DZS (Danger Zone Studio) works, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via “Contact Us” under “Home” menu.

Once you have register an account here, gone to xfire’s chatroom, on DZS’s halo server(s), you are hereby agreed to this following rules above.

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