Custom Load Plan C

We tried to implement a custom load method directly in Windows’ loader via memory, sadly it didn’t fully work. This method would not work with every Windows OS major releases. ¬†We do not intend this as a hack method; just disappointed Windows developer team did not implement this feature instead of tell where the file is at in order to load it. That was plan B, however we discovered we only need access a resource section to verify if module, DLL, is valid Add-on then load it in standard method. Fortunately, we did not have to re-write most of our Plan C code from Plan B. We’re happily to say our Add-on Converter and Plan C load method are almost functional and ready to go. Soon, we will be re-writing Add-on API v4.0. When will H-Ext 0.5.3 coming out? Still is TBA. Plus we need to work on Add-on Converter’s layout little more to be reusable.


P.S. Plan C custom load will work with Windows XP and newer.


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