Dear Mr. Hacker (Plus Auto-Updater Add-on progress)

Dear Mr. Hacker,

Each time you and your auto-hack servers will be detected, the range base on analysis of attempts will be added to our black-list. It is very disappointment of which you are not able to crack our system. Cheers and have fun starting to get smaller and slimmer chance to hack the site.

Now for the on-going progress with S-Ext and the Auto-Updater Add-on, for now the 0.4.0 will not be released until we have determined what is needed for Add-on API to support the Auto-Updater and/or possibility Remote Control.  It will take awhile for us to complete the Auto-Updater and will be link to your existing account here. For security reasons, there will be an authorization key generated either here or automatically itself. Yet, it is undetermined for the moment. The basically ideal is to have Auto-Updater to obtain list of either loaded Add-ons or read from file itself version, authorization info, S-Ext version, additional DLLs requirement, and send to our updater server.  Once it has determined of what needs to be update first or send back of newer version of any of three listed below.

  • Halo Server Extension
  • Official Add-ons Only
  • DLLs

Once Auto-Updater obtain this information, it then will send specific download and automatically install them.  For those whose do not want it to be automatic installed, do not worry, there will be an option(s) to configure it either manually download through command either from in-game or console.  Also, your account sensitivity from Auto-Updater will be protected through our encryption process and onto the configuration file.  If have any questions relative to this or concerned, please use the “Contact Us” from menu above and we will answer any of your questions. However we cannot reveal how this process works, this includes the cryption as well.




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