DZS OS SAPP (Testing Mode)

What is DZS OS SAPP?  Well, DZS is Dangerzone Studio, OS is Open Source, SAPP is Server Application.  Be aware it is not yet ready to be release in open source yet.  The current version of this day is 0.0.5 (still have lots of improvements and missing some events detection).

So far, it is able to do most of the general common commands as other Halo SAPP does plus among server stability.  So far it is able to use EITHER 1.08CE or 1.09CE original versions detection, if used on earlier CE version, then it will not load at all.  Why? We do not have the earlier original versions  and will not accept any cracked/hacked versions as it will not be identical to the original.  However we do have intention to support ALL original versions (including the future Halo CE update).

Unlike the previous out-of-date or discontinued SAPP, we do not have the intention to discontinued this within few years.  Our goal is to improve our SAPP and keep it very stable at 99% of the time.  So far our 0.0.5 version is much better stability, however there is possible the command may not be recognize and/or unable to execute successfully, plus the player list may not be 100% operational at all time (we are still looking for reason why this is happening).

Be patience as this is still in testing mode and will be only seen on DZS’s halo server at this time.  Thanks.

We found the issue why the command may not recognize and believed it had been fixed in 0.0.5 version (updated but didn’t change the version due to previous bad 0.0.5 version).


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    Thanks for info :D!

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    Sapp The beeeest!! and the Consoleeeeee!! :O :D :))

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