DZS’s Halo Site v2 in Development

Due to issues with protecting the site against the attempted hackers, we have determined to build our own custom site from scratch.  All news will be still there, including the pages.  The Halo site v2 is currently under development and will not be working on the until the site’s v2 has been release to public.  We ensure you some of the features will be there that involved with the basics such as profile, login/logout, register, site viewing, RSS feed, etc.  Another reason of having the site v2 is due to lack of loading page with dozens of plugin involved which will be customize supportive to increase at least around 500 percent faster to load.  Not only this are featured, the internal page are modified every time you click a link.  Be aware the links are only internal functional and does not behave as normal html will do.  That does include less data being transmitted to your browser which does mean faster loading internal time.  We cannot provide the link due to its alpha stage and security against attempted hackers is not established.  Only a few selected are able to know the link and they are aware they cannot pass out the link. Also, the extra features will not be included such as forum, report issues, etc until we have time to do so.




About Admins

The sponsor of DZS's Halo website and development of DZS Halo Extension for both dedicated and client hoster.
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