Email Service Back Up And Public Add-on API Testing Branch

Good news, we finally got our email service back up and have moved to an alternate email service to handle the outgoing emails better.

We have made some progress with Halo tags in C structure which can be found in testing branch on github┬álast week. So far we have 13 tags decoded, however there is total of 83 tags which original Bungie made! Only 70 tags left to go, except we are taking a break from this. At least we get the idea how it works in C code tag files and in-game memory. Right now, we are focusing on tweak and update our Add-on Converter’s layout and theme(s) support. Plus at least add the settings page as well to make it easier for Add-ons developers to make some or little modification to convert their add-on(s) quicker and compatibility version checking.


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