H-Ext Bug founds

Known issues are…

  • using ext_func_alias to view the alias of existing command. Solution – load H-Ext and its addons on client side and use rcon execution instead of chat command. (Use tab key for auto-complete the command.)
  • first time load executed setup crash. Solution – create the extension folder manually within the halo directory where you put H-Ext.dll and winmm.dll files in.
  • Newly add adminstrator does not automatic recognized. Solution – rejoin the server.
  • Newly add adminstrator’s password isn’t recognizable in rcon. Solution – use ext_admin_update command to update a password. (Unknown if this is a bug or not.)
  • Client joining client’s hosts cause crash. Solution – possible open to LAN only instead of Internet joining.

We are unable to create the hotfix for these above due to major changes for next big update which does affect the addon’s interfaces mainly. We¬†apologize for any inconvenience.

You can find more known bugs at (Oops, This section appears to be private content. Please login to unlock this section, thank you.).

EDIT: Forgotten 1 and other possible bug to the list.
EDIT: Found not fully completed internal hook relative to client joining to client’s host.
EDIT: Found couple more bugs, please see the “Task List for 0.5.1” link (only viewable once login the site) to see the complete known bugs so far.


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