H-Ext Planning

We have determined to strip off all server commmands relative to players (except for admins and some others are hardcoded) from H-Ext. They will be moved into Server Command add-on. The following preparation will be…

  • ¬†Finish the external account system for remote control. (This is necessary in order ¬†output directly to the remote administrator.)
  • Create a working timer system.
  • Hook the halo’s sender and receiver intefaces for client-server communication. (We will setup a listener for client/server’s addon request to communication. Plus extend more information on add-ons if one of add-on is required or not from client side. And may will perform better netcode’s data base on our contributor’s information.)
  • Append a reload function for the add-on to use (basically will be called right after the loop event).

Is that it? That’s all the new implements? No, the following add-ons will be also work on.

  • MDB Native
  • AdvObject
  • Server Command
  • Remote Control (will be back on draft and continue progress base on our contributor’s info which hopefully fix the communication overlap)

These take at least 2 months to complete. After we are done with all the add-ons above except for Remote Control, we will start from scratch for the Zombie gametype add-on again with Remote Control add-on to go with it hopefully.



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