H-Ext Progress News #1

We are able to understand the class interface between the two dlls via export/import function method. This is a great thing in the process to reduce the exports. However, the downside is… Any non-pointer classes such as DBStmt, DBConnection, and so on will be convert to pointer class interface to access the functions without the need to export every single function as their own. We suggest all Add-on developers to review their source code to make necessary adaption¬† and a safe destructor such as “Relase()” function for IDBStmt. If you do not see a “Release()”, then you do not need to destroy the pointer as any Add-ons, including H-Ext, will be shared.

Also, H-Ext’s estimated release has been delayed for another 2 months due to very exciting reverse-engineer partial of Halo’s client executable. More to come later.


Hint: Has to do with either hearing impaired and deaf community.


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