H-Ext & Halo Site v2 Progress

The slow progress for H-Ext was discovery more bug found by the users. Some bugs are quite high priority and some aren’t. However, we are also gone another round of checking the Add-on APIs to discover any problem. Only found two API functions which aren’t interpreted properly and are fixed for the next release. (This will put us little closer to supporting native C API plus some modifications required in Windows’ load* method.) So, when is H-Ext going to be release? We are unable to determine until we, at least, have complete porting the Infection to H-Ext under C++ language. It may be 1 month, or 2 months, we are not very sure at the moment.

As for the halo site v2, we have made some progress to manage the forum. Plus currently working on the posting plus WYSIWYG editor within the post as well. To complete the forum’s overall system may take 2-3 months to finish excluding the work on H-Ext.


P.S. We have made some optimization on our server to improve the load speed by few seconds. You can view the stats on bottom right corner to see the load time for page to load and how long it took to process the page. (We have discovered it is caused by slower hard drive and unable to fix this within the budget, hence the reason halo site v2 is being worked on.)

* Windows’ load does not provide any load method within the API, which therefore required us to create a custom load to support Windows’ recognize the plugin as a dll.


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