H-Ext 0.5.3 Progress

H-Ext 0.5.3 and Add-on Converter are still going through changes to support standard method requirement. One thing to expect, 0.5.2.x Add-ons will not be supported in 0.5.3.x at all. Why? First, interfaces have been going through changes internally and externally. Secondly, versioning our Add-on API has been change big-time, we hope this will be the last time we need to revise the versioning method. It will include the hook versioning; however there will be newer update Add-on Converter requirement in order maintenance the future hooks requirement. Thirdly, we are currently working on C# support (hopefully Visual Basic transition from C# code will work out smoothly). Finally, we are getting close except not closer enough to release the final H-Ext 0.5.3 and Add-on Converter builds for couple months. Why couple months? Managed modules doesn’t really like unmanaged structure and such, it will take time to get it right (hopefully).

We had worked with our testers during public testing and found a bunch of bugs in our official Add-ons we had released in the past. They have been tweaked & fixed except one or two may be missed, we’ll get it fix sooner once we get the report. However most of the issues we found was caused by internally in H-Ext’s latest public build. We are unable to make another patch release for H-Ext 0.5.2.x.


P.S. We are doing our best we can go get this done correctly as possible. Also, we want to expect H-Ext 0.5.3 final build to be stable build with absolutely no issue. This includes our official Add-ons as well. Be patience with us, we’ll get it release eventually.


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