H-Ext 0.5.3 Version Planned Intro

We are still working on Add-on API issues with major code languages. So at this time, it is decided to have “Drone Engineer” version planning for H-Ext 0.5.3 and newer. The list below is what will be done during the process until they are completed.

  • Include 0.5 planned version task-list.
  • Major re-work on Add-on API to fix ton of issues that are not following C-99 standard and several other issues of managed code refuse to work correctly.
  • Compatible issue with Trial, Combat Evolved, and Custom Edition will be re-verify. (After Add-on API and hooks are fully done.)
  • At least get more static message into message.ini file from H-Ext product.
  • Re-define possibility to use custom message relative to player and some other things. (If possible before moving to 0.6 task-list.)
  • More bug fixing from time to time. (If reported…)

Once 0.5 and 0.5.3+ task-lists are done, we will proceed with 0.6 task-list which includes, we know you are waiting for this to return, GUI feature!


P.S. We still do not know how long it’s going to take for 0.5.3 to be release. Add-on API for C# are still incomplete plus C/C++ and D lang will needs to re-update as well. Plus Visual Basic might be able to go through translation from C# to VB easier and quicker. Even verify if it’s done correctly.


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