H-Ext Progress (Yes, we are still here!)

After struggling with our custom class of CIniFile to have ability support both native and custom commands, plus custom message (yes, it is finally here!) work out smoothly in the first draft and ongoing testing.  We can ensure you, this will be the first to have custom message which comes with built-in default messages and permit you to use your own edited message to the way you want it to be in a messages.ini file.  However, it would not be likely shared with other Add-ons. Although, the CIniFile class will allow other Add-ons to use it smoothly, dynamic, and cross C language support! Due to amount of stress, we proceed to suspend the progress to focus on playing the games while some thoughts of resolve the issue(s) H-Ext has. Now we are able to migrate some existing functions that is needed to be used in custom message plus try not to forget port over static message into the custom message.
If anyone want to know when H-Ext to be release, it is still TBA and work in progress. This is due to amount of unfinished migrating. Some new hooks still need to clean up and verify all correct informations. And even most of the signatures to enable support of Halo PC platform game versions including older to current versions as well need to be corrected valid names. (The Add-ons will NOT be able obtain any of the signatures, however some signatures to be pointed specific halo addresses will be included inside the halo engine’s variables and will be constant adding.)

More to come later,


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