Incompatible H-Ext (and older versions) with Halo 1.0.10

Attention, H-Ext does not works with Halo 1.0.10 due to few signature does not matched! We are forced to rush the progress without going through proper channel. Here’s what to expect once we have released another alpha release…

  • Will not work with Windows 8 (even 8.1)
  • Will work with Windows 7 (and likley XP once we have finish fix the bugs in Windows 7’s expectation)
  • Major changes to Add-on API, every addons will need update to 3.2 (will be released).
  • Does not include support for C# (yet) and some other languages.
  • Is compatible with C and C++ for “another” time being…
  • Add-on Converter is delayed until we have fully support Windows XP, 7, and 8. (Meaning will have to wait for another later release to have C# and some other languages to be supportive.)

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