Need additional C++ Programmer assistance with plugin compatible

We want YOU to fill in blanks and continue support for ability expansion for DZS’s Halo Server Extension’s Add-on.  Here’s some requirements in order to proceed with approval seal for making your example to work with our S-Ext 0.2.3 and above (may will be upgrade to 0.3.0).

Executable Program (EXE) Loadable Plugin (DLL)
Multi-threaded (not Multi-threaded DLL) YES / NO (optional) BOTH
Visual Studio version v100 v100 / v90 / may support older
DLL’s Export / Import EXPORT IMPORT / EXPORT (for plugin expansion)
Return value from function Send return value to DLL. Get return value from EXE.
Return class pointer Send return class pointer value to DLL. Get return class pointer from EXE.
Send value to function Get value from DLL. Send value to EXE.

We really need your help with this process to become reality, thanks.


P.S. We recommended you to login for access the forum to continue make this work for ability to extend our product.


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  1. Admins DZS Admins says:

    Never mind about the issues above. We have the ability to have it work well for the planning development of plugin. (Recommended go to the forum for latest update.)

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