Plan for 0.5.2.x and 0.5.3

First, we want to inform all of viewers here, we had a brand new server customized specifically to run our server(s) and is running since the close ending of November. We has the info about the page loading time plus the execution as well at the bottom right of this website plus on our bug tracking site too. The overall sites are seriously running under 1 second which is a great news!

Now, the plan for the 0.5.2.x and 0.5.3… 0.5.2.x are determined to only contain bug fixes being caused by H-Ext and/or Halo. While 0.5.3 is a brand new upgrade to specifically support p/invoke, C native, and Windows’ module (.dll format). What exactly does this mean? It means we are reviving the last year main goal of having cross-C languages plus some others that are supportive such as C# (C Sharp), VB (Visual Basic), C++ (C plus plus, however is already supported), D, and… well there may be more we might not heard about! When do we expect stable release of 0.5.3? Currently remain undetermined, however we would like it to be ready before July, 2015.



For those who do find bugs with H-Ext, PLEASE do use the bug tracker site which is located at here! That’s right, we are officially opening the URL link of the bug tracker site in public instead of registered users! ;)


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The sponsor of DZS's Halo website and development of DZS Halo Extension for both dedicated and client hoster.
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