Polling for next Plugin production

On right-side column, there is a poll for all registered members able to choose. We have reason to inform you this, continue on reading for the reason why we mention this.

After we have planned release, we no longer accepting any requests directly from xfire’s messenger. All requests must be posted on our official forum or xfire forum community (designated for developers and supporters only). Any previous requests on our forum will be initialize in development for possible release.

Also after release, we plan to create another plugin base on poll that is currently posted on the right-side of this news. Which would be either Remote Control OR Auto-Updater plugin, depends on member which to have first and higher-priority.

Deeper explanation for both plugin:

  • Remote Control — Ability to send commands remotely, how many players in server (with names), server name, scoreboard (optionally, only if requested). You don’t need to enter the server through in-game at all. (very effective if server is full.)
    NOTICE: Only need one setting per admin (per row) which already exists from previous to current database.
  • Auto-Updater — No more coming back here and download the files ever again.  It will have ability to download newest official extension and/or plugin(s) version either automatically or manually.
    NOTICE: You will need to download Auto-Updater plugin and S-Ext 0.3.0 or higher in order to work correctly.

No worry, after the finishing the plugin one of above, the other plugin above will be also be in production as well at a later time.

Please VOTE now!


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