Possibility Chat feature to be included in 0.2.0 version…

Noob: Spam!
Noob: Spamma your chat screen!
Noob: Spam the screen!
Admin: Hey stop doing that!
Noob: Never!!!
Noob: Spam! Spam! Spam!
Admin: /chatban Noob
**SERVER**: Noob has been muted!
Admin: Ha! Try beat that noobs!
[BLOCK] Noob: Spam!
[BLOCK] Noob: Where’s my spamma!
[BLOCK] Noob: :'(
Admin: Who’s up for a battle or lead a role-play?


Currently in W.I.P. as we have assistance to help us out to secure the chat spammer and protect the chat command!

P.S.  We do NOT have a way to send individual server message to individual, admins, and non-admins which is still a broadcast to everyone in the server.  If our assistance willing to go that far, then it is possible to secure it better and safer way to use!


About Admins

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