Re-branding the S-Ext

We have made the decision to change S-Ext to H-Ext which now expand as Halo Extension.  The reason for this re-brand change is due to our ability to support Halo Trial, PC, and CE (both client and dedicated server). Including support for v1.00 to newer (current official update is v1.09).  Again, it will be scrape almost all the commands and move into a separate Add-on download in order to have H-Ext into bare-bone compatible.  This also means Admin-Bot will be moved into separate download as well.  If anyone requesting an admins’ system to be able handle from an Add-on, please let us know and we will make this happen. As for now the H-Ext will be handling all the admins’ system along with permissions.


P.S. We have made a page of progress for this halo site v2 which can be found in the menu. It is still in WIP.


About Admins

The sponsor of DZS's Halo website and development of DZS Halo Extension for both dedicated and client hoster.
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