S-Ext 0.3.0 Memory Leaks

We are having issues with memory leaks in most areas which will take time to find all locations.  The problem we are having are…

  • Structure of class reader for Player, biped, vehicle, weapon, etc. (SOLVED)
  • Command executed, even if its not valid command.
  • Some unknown areas using pointers aren’t clean up as supposedly.
  • Event Loop watcher. (SOLVED)
  • Threads, using by BOOST.  May will replace to native thread, and reduce the memory leaks and memory consuming.
  • And maybe more.

We are fixing those issues at the moment before we can continue on with expanding the features for additional events sync between Halo and Extension and more accessible for Add-on API.

Also, this normally occurs when not using std library which are different in any compiler programs.


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