S-Ext 0.3.0 & Phasor CE Progress

Currently at hold for few days as there is priority needs to be done at work first.

As for Phasor CE, the source code is already included in public build.  However is not fully tested.  So test at your own risk with Halo CE Dedicated Servers.

For the forum for Phasor can be seen at http://phasor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=newstuff&action=display&thread=307&page=1

For download public build, can be found at http://haloapps.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/phasor-01-00-10-057-release/ or the link at the top, same URL link.

We do NOT hold responsible for any game crashes from Phasor nor with DZS S-Ext and previous versions!  We only can track the issue(s) we/you may have and fix them soon as possible before the next release.

As for original Phasor, there is no method to register the custom commands except for custom build variant of Phasor.  The 0.3.x version will have system to register your own custom command and is planned to support integrate alias list for each command.


  1. ext_teleport_add
    • teleport_add
    • tadd
    • ta
    • t add
  2. ext_teleport_delete
    • teleport delete
    • tdel
    • td
    • t del




P.S. We do not support 0.2.x version anymore due to no backup files stored for 0.2.x and already went into 0.3.x version phase with bunch of features included support for Add-On API and internal functions shared.


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