S-Ext Predicted Release

Predicted release date will be somewhere in March 2012, we will inform here 3-5 days before release.

There are some changes going on with as we are adding rcon security supported for all players whose are admin or not.  General password for rcon is needed, we hope to exclude this override and provide required admin’s password similar to Gandanur as optional.  Here’s the following expected to be included:

  • rcon system protection. (Only admins will be able to use it, non-admin will get alert message and kick out if activated the adminbot’s playerattempt function.)
  • Those rcon commands will be output onto executor’s screen.
  • Re-fixed mixed player index to output to player’s screen (apparently they are all machine index).
  • Player’s name, IP address, and port number log will be fully ready by then. (Expected to be unlimited history, beware of huge database size base on dozens combination except for duplicated record! Also, same name, IP address, and port will not be re-record, instead it will append to player’s list base on hash which will be much better directory saving than duplicated record(s).)
  • Remember the old fashion “/c” command found in Devicator to control a player? We are bringing it back to life once again!
  • Plus even much more!

About Admins

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