S-Ext (In Development)

We will be adding the features requested on our private forum which can be viewable once log in.  Along with few more features into it as well with possible bug fixes and remove the Window’s crash alert message to ability reboot automatically by the sapp.dll’s detection itself.  More info can be found at DZS’s Halo S-Ext Progress page; and the finalize would take around one or two months.  Also the Remote Control plugin will be delayed until 0.4.0 has been released or released together due to GUI creation difficulty base on unknown progress of how to integrate into S-Ext, sorry for the coincidence.  However the Auto-Updater plugin should be supportive from 0.3.0 and above to be loaded since not much of the integration is needed to obtain from Add-on API interfaces.


P.S. After, this will be the final build for 0.3.x as we will proceed to 0.4.x (Brute) version unless we are obtaining complaints of with features is not working correctly which will be minority update.


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