S-Ext (Coming Soon)

At the moment, the release date has been postponed twice and now has be set to TBA due to determined to have S-Ext Auto-Updater plugin fully prepare before the release. While this is in development, we have also determined to fix any known issues with test build with our beta testers before releasing. So far at this time…

  • Commands from file stress test: FAIL PASS!
  • STD Vector multi-threading: NOT SAFE NOW SAFE(Planned to use custom Vector and MAY be include in Add-On API.)
  • Unordered player list verified: OK
  • + few minor bugs.

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The sponsor of DZS's Halo website and development of DZS Halo Extension for both dedicated and client hoster.
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  1. Admins DZS Admins says:

    We’re happily to informed the two major issues above is now resolved.

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