S-Ext 0.4.0 Predicted Release

We made a decision not to make any updates to S-Ext 0.3.x version. Instead we determined to have S-Ext 0.4.0 to be release on August 9th or 11th, 2012, which is currently prediction for the moment. We will be making sure all 1.00, 1.07 – 1.09 are fully updated and workable. Also we now have older version of Windows (minimum of Windows 2003 server and Windows XP SP1/SP2 or newer). As we investigate the probabilities of issue on older windows operating system, we have noticed there is an issue with stability from and below (we could not fully confirmed every version although we did tested,, and none of them works correctly).  This also includes the 0.4.0 Test Release #3 and older also confirmed issues as well.  The best new of all, the latest Test Release #4 (not been released to beta testers yet and may not will be) has proven to be stable with Windows 2003 Server (not yet tested on Windows XP system yet).


Another news about the Auto-Updater, it is currently another month away due to spare time limitation and make fully functional. As for this, it will work with 0.3.x (separated from newest version) and 0.4.x. The only difference for 0.3.x and 0.4.0 versus later version of 0.4.0 are it would not be able update the official Add-ons and only update the S-Ext and Updater.  So the conclusion for this to work correctly, you will need to download the Add-on(s) that is later version of 0.4.0 which will contains additional information predicted is needed to verify the official Add-ons.

As for Remote Control, it is currently still on hold and under draft until the Auto-Updater is fully completed. Then this project will start along with S-Ext updates of additional features and/or bug fixes.


Interesting to know the overall 0.x versions? Please go to DZS Server Extension –> progress page from http://addon.halo.dangerzonestudio.com site and it will contains the basic concept of what has been done and what will be done in future.


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