S-Ext Release!

After getting complaints from the hosts about the player chat contains something that should not be there, we have observed to find out how to fix this bug.  This is one of longest hidden bug we ever had since it has been used in 0.2.0 and above.  We are gladly to inform this bug is now fixed and no longer overlap each other at any given time when halo dedicated server and S-Ext are communicating.

After this bug fixed, we are amazed of how stable it is running after almost all bug fixes are completed.  So far, we are not able to crash the S-Ext without any modification or a crash test that no developer should have do.

Along with additional news, the DZS’s Halo site v2 is still under alpha stage and some basic features are currently working smoothly.  The only thing we have not worked on is the forum, bug tracker, and wiki.  What we are gladly to inform the site viewing and interaction are cross-browser compatible after running several tests, including the smartphone.  Although, some smartphone may not view the site correctly or the browser’s minimal requirement are not met.

Also, once we are done with the DZS’s Halo site v2 for basic.  The forum, wiki, and most likely the bug tracker would not be accessible due to haven’t developed yet. And the login system will work across all DZS’s Halo site v2 without the need to re-login for separated section of the sites.



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