S-Ext & 0.5.0 Progress

As for S-Ext, it is still quite bit on hold while we are doing the progress for 0.5.0 (including the 0.6.0 plan). The S-Ext 0.5.0 is starting to look good and right up to speed aka no delays on load up for now.  We are still transferring the functions from S-Ext and older with most changes.  What are the changes will be?

  • More C native language (with some C++ functions needed to operate better).
  • Much less clustering the memory space.
  • More interfacing support for Add-on to less coding and less conversion as well.
  • Better management handling.
  • Right on the spot halo engine thread editing the memory before it can make the decision what to do next AND response on the spot as well.

Once we have complete the S-Ext 0.5.0, we will go deep finding more hooks that would be useful since we have found one or two that appears to be useful and already included. More to come at later time…


PS. We will have another Add-On to go with S-Ext 0.5.0, although it’s currently classified at the moment. Those may know what it is, I suggest to remain quiet until the release. ;)


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