S-Ext Predicted and Remote Control Add-on

The prediction of release would be likely on Dec. 7th or 8th, 2012 along with Remote Control Add-on and Remote Admin standalone for interfacing with Remote Control.  Due to tons of issues with Remote Control and Remote Admin’s communication hence very new with WinSock v2 API and how it supposedly work, we are unable to add all the features and will stick to the basic requirement for all permitted admins to be remotely connect.  The communication has been working out correctly, however it is still not perfectly communication and can cause issue on remotely connected admin executing the command. Although, even if we are not able to get this stable before Dec. 7th or 8th, 2012, we will be releasing this anyway stable or not with its open source code. If we have gotten it to be stable at later time, then we will update this including the source code.

Also due to needing get this done quickly, the Remote Admin standalone will be using .NET Framework 2 minimal requirement instead of restricting to .NET Framework 4 along with the form quickly visualize ability development on the go as well while C++ native doesn’t have this ability or haven’t discovered yet.


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