S-Ext News (0.2.1) Introduction

The waiting for next update will be soon over!¬† Here’s some changes and additional:

  • New administrator system (this time will be permanently and continue support adding features to it for plugin support later on).
    • Ability to add new administrator either by player exist in-game or CD key hash.
    • Ability to delete an administrator via username.
    • Flexible system to let the hoster decide the requirement to detect player as administrator¬† AND login requirement as well.
    • Easy and flexible to login once when join server and ability to sync the admin’s IP Address and IP Port in case either two has changed.
    • Administrator can change their own password without requiring higher level or even a hoster as well.
    • Ability to see administrators currently on the server.
  • Vehicle protection, ever hate player just go ahead went to a vehicle once enter the vehicle?¬† This time, YOU (the hoster) get to stop player to enter the vehicles during briefing period and pay attention better. (this feature will expand at later time).
  • Fixed the maps detect system claiming the map doesn’t exist while does exist for map change.
  • Ability to display chat without needing log enabled on server-side’s console.
  • Added shield command by request.
  • Now have ability to hold up to 5 commands until next command has finish executed.

What’s next?

Well, the next agenda would be ability to view administrator list from database, compatible index number to use to get specific row from the database (please be aware as native Microsoft Database doesn’t have built-in index support and will take awhile to fully support this), ability to send server or private message to specific player instead of broadcast to everyone, plus other possibilities to add/fix.


About Admins

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