S-Ext News (0.3.0 Database stability)

Great news!  By comparing the result with 0.2.2 Beta Release and 0.3.0 Test Build, here’s the goody output for database handler!

Results (from stress test) 0.2.2 Beta Build 0.3.0 Test Build
Memory (Before test start) 3,244KB 3,292KB
Memory (After test finish) 70,240KB 3,984KB
Memory build-up (Total) 66,996KB 692KB
Memory build-up (Percentage) 95.4% 17.4%
Database running properly? NO YES
After running 5 repeated stress tests, database still running properly? NO YES

NOTICE: This stress test were use by command file with “tl” (ext_teleport_list) repeatedly at least over 50 or more times WITH no players in the server.

As you can see, database handler is now running much better performance, mostly re-wrote the whole handler to perform correctly, mostly followed base on Microsoft’s Database Controller for connectivity and statements.  However there are still some modifications to continue maintenance when statements are finished or no longer needed to be running, and close properly.


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