S-Ext support Halo CE Dedi Open Sauce?

At this time, it does not support Halo CE Dedicated for Open Sauce due to following reasons:

  • V3 Released Open Sauce Dedi is not compatible to run, yet the bug has been resolved in the revision.
  • S-Ext’s addresses to hook are static for 1.00, 1.07 – 1.09 versions Halo CE Dedicated server.
  • The structure MAY be different than original which may required re-write the structure just for Open Sauce version.
  • Functions may be different in Open Sauce which also may required to re-write for Open Sauce version.

As you should noticed, you can see a huge difference between Halo CE and Halo CE Open Sauce which improve experience and more interactions.  In order for us to make support for it, we will need to download the latest revision and registers couple accounts to get requirement SDKs to build the Halo CE Dedicated version for Open Sauce.

When we will support it?  It is currently TBA (To Be Announced) as there are still found bugs need to be fix along with frenzy requests feature to be included for 0.3.1 release.  We will inform here when we have started along with progress page which everyone can view the progress status.


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