SAPP status (0.1.4 Coming Soon)

There is couple things in core of the SAPP that is now more safer to use.

Features will be included:

  • Unload the sapp.dll is officially safe to use, even if there are players killing themselves/each others, chatting, and/or using the rcon/console.  (It means the hook are unhooked and restored to originally format before the sapp loaded up.)
  • Re-enable the system menu and close button AFTER unload the sapp.dll file. (Reason: If close the server w/o close the database connection can CAUSE exception and leave the connection alive permanently until you kill the process on MySQL server.)
  • Added support for original patched 1.00 version!
  • Kill everyone in the server with a message afterward (so-called Hitler command since there’s some high-demands to be included).
  • Did we forget something?  Contact us via Contact Us or inform one of the Halo Administrators so we can remember to add it!

It’s shocking news that there are many theories been put into tryout except most of them doesn’t work over previous versions.  I cannot promise each and every one of the commands on all versions will work 100%.  After I am done with player list issues and individuals players doesn’t work 100% and reducing high demands for commands to be added except for admin-bot system which will be developed after everything is working good.  0.1.4 version beta release may occurs in one week as of this day.

Got some ideas for admin-bot system?  Please go on the forum and make suggestions in DZS OS SAPP group!


About Admins

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