Site v2 Progress

Total progress so far…

  • General – 80%
  • Forum – 80%
  • Wiki – 0%
  • Bug Tracker – 0%

The halo site v2 is currently closed to public due to progress with the forum section into working functionally.  Once the forum is 100% working condition, then high chance the old site will be transfer to the new site.  Be aware there will be some strange behavior if you do not set your browser’s setting correctly.  The site v2 contains higher security protection and will not authorize any web-bots to access the site at ALL.  Only search engines will have the standard access to the site’s news including the RSS feed as well.  The forum will not be in public’s view along with few other privacy involved.  Also, you do not need to go back one from browser’s history as everything is process on same page dynamically.

NOTICE: If attempt to use “admin” through login process, you will be automatic blocked from ability to view this site! And we will not remove this from our list unless request appeal with given direction which will be post later.

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