WARNING: 0.2.x glitch

Thanks to one of the clan leader inform us about administrator glitch problem.  If the player list is not in correct 1-16 order, then it is likely someone else is the admin.  Example, 2 players are in the server, player 2 is at the top and player 1 is at the bottom.  if Player 1 is the admin, then it is likely to be reversed to Player 2 is the admin.  Since there was no backup for 0.2.2 files and will not have this glitch fix for 0.2.x, we would strongly suggest not to use 0.2.1 and higher.  0.2.0 MAY be unlikely to be affected.  The next release would be likely to be in about 2-3 weeks due to incomplete structures, integration control for database, reveal certain information of extension to add-on plugins, events hooker, etc.

Please do be patient as we are working hard to make this successful for Halo CE community.


About Admins

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