We are Now Fully Back!

We are now fully hand on working on S-Ext.  At this moment, Remote Control Add-on is currently on hold along with the update of S-Ext .  Even the beta site is also on partially suspended as well. Wonder why we are completely back?  Well, we are quite skipping the process stage for S-Ext. However, the S-Ext will be completed along with Remote Control Add-on.  And may will not be compatible with S-Ext 0.5.0 and above until the next update of Remote Control Add-on.

Now, as for those doesn’t know about S-Ext 0.5.0 current planning.  We are migrating the 0.5.x and 0.6.x plans together which also will means two steps closer to final version, faster process, much more flexibility, more control, and internal access to halo dedicated server’s memory!  The only downside of this, the patcher will need to be open up though a running dedicated server or use a standalone provided by us to run it, and if the Add-on(s) and/or S-Ext crash, then the whole server will go down.  However we also discovered a few locations inside halo dedicated server which will improve the server’s running time.  The plans for those will be put into the patcher’s optional features.  At this date, there is no optional features as the patcher is only used to add support for S-Ext. Finally, the overall features provided in S-Ext will be cut down to bare-bone very important features straightforward.  There is no need to panic as we will generate Add-on(s) for these features has been exists thorough the versions before S-Ext 0.5.0 .  We hope you have experience a whole bunch with using the Add-on system commands since it is that easy to use.

Thank you for your patience,

P.S. For those developers putting hard work in their Add-on, please be prepare not to include any sleep function as the interface for halo hooks will be live and will cause players to experience lags often or disconnect.  Also, one of the new S-Ext 0.5.0 feature will be automatically detect all exported functions to determine to be called, any missing exported functions.  It will move to the next Add-on which contains the function or not.


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