Welcome to Official DZS’s Halo Site!

This site is open to public for accessible and supporters, visitors are required to have an account in order to comment, subscribe, apply, report, etc here.  To register, go to Home –> Login (click on it) –> Register then type in your preferred username and email address.  After you click the link from your preferred email address, there will be another validation to finalize your account with given password.  This is required to make our site securer and prevent any bot(s) attempting to hijack here. Also, we have our own bug tracker for our H-Ext users to report.

All clans and non-clans are welcome to sign up an account here!
So far we are not hosting any halo dedicated server and in needs of bug reporting plus add-on programmers. Our time budget barely able to handle to update our add-ons while mainly focusing on H-Ext bug fixes, more features, maintaining documentation, reverse-engineering useful hooks (yes including client hooks), and verify the compatible of Halo release versions.



About Admins

The sponsor of DZS's Halo website and development of DZS Halo Extension for both dedicated and client hoster.
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